The Barrel Select Reserve range is produced from selective harvesting, or in other words, harvesting from vines that have been treated with special care. What differentiates these vines from others is that few grapes are grown, in return resulting in a richer, more complex style juice. These grapes are able to produce a young wine, whereas the white label range fruit, although from the same block, is harvested with higher crop yielding which means the juice or young wine will be of a fresher, less rich depth and therefore easier to enjoy. It is less serious due to a lesser complex vineyard management for the specific style. Older barrels, known as 2nd, 3rd or 4th fill barrels, are used and for shorter 12-15 month periods, whereas the Barrel Select Range is kept in barrels for up to 24 months. This wine is richer in flavour with a higher production of alcohol. These elements need to be balanced out with barrels and, more specifically, these should be new barrels, so it made sense to call the range BARREL SELECTION.